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Company profile

Pekan Akvaario Oy / Tujoma is an importer and wholesale company of pet foods and accessories. The warehouse of Pekan Akvaario Oy is located in south of Finland, in city of Hämeenlinna. Central location in the middle of the biggest Finnish cities gives us good logistic connections. Pekan Akvaario Oy / Tujoma is a family owned company and currently have 10 employees. Mr. Pekka Untamo founded his company in 1979 and has ever since been single owner and managing director of the company. The company has about 300 active customers.

Pekan Akvaario Oy / Tujoma has strong financial status. The company belong to the highest AAA -class in the Dun & Bradstreet credit rating classification.

Origins of imports

We import our goods mainly from the EU-countries and North America. Most important import countries are Germany, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Poland, and Canada.

Goals and target

The goal of Pekan Avaario / Tujoma is to be strong and reliable partner in Finnish pet sector. We want that owners and pets can enjoy all of their moments in healthy and playful life. Pekan akvaario will fulfill this by offering Finnish pet owners high-quality pet products that they can enjoy with their dearest friends.
Target of Pekan Akvaario / Tujoma is to offer our customers high-quality products, Professional customer service and fast deliveries. All this is possible trough good financial standing, professional staff and long-term relationships with our suppliers and product manufactures. Together we have been able to guarantee smooth co-operation with our customers and ensure they gain good service, which is very active, accurate and supporting.
Through a mutual satisfaction, we have created a long-term relationship with our clients. Pekan Akvaario Oy / Tujoma is offering of high quality products for high quality pet shops and veterinarians. With our help and trough our customers own professional service our brands have good representation in the stores.
Our company was one of first in Finland to publish an internet shop for our clients where they are able to make direct orders online. Shop is protected and for our customers only. Today over 81% of our orders is made online.


The product selection of the company consists of dog, cat, small animal, fish, reptile and bird food products, as well as accessories associated with pet care and well-being. The biggest percentage of the revenue comes from the dog food, cat food and cat litter products. Other important products are small animal and fish products and different articles to dogs and cats like: toys, bowls and vitamins. The product selection includes about 5500 different items. We are constantly changing our product selection to meet our customer needs and to align it with the newest trends.

Contact Information:

 +358 03 6742 020